Welcome to Prep at TRBPS 2019!

At Tucker Road Bentleigh PS, there are 77 Preps with 4 fabulous teachers (Ms Joanne Hunt, Ms Kerrie Gentner, Mrs Lucy McNair and Ms Miia Karvinen). In our first term in Prep we have learned so much. We have spent time with our Grade 5 buddies and have made lots of new friends. We are learning to read and write. We play lots of mathematics games and are discovering science and history and using the computers to help us in our learning. We are all now happy and confident and cannot wait to get into the classroom each morning.

In Term 2, we will learning about keeping ourselves safe. We have visits from many community helpers, including, the Fire-fighters, the Paramedics and the RACV. We start our Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) which involves learning skills, such as jumping, balancing, skipping, climbing and catching. We will be celebrating the letter P, by having a Pyjama Day. We also have our 100 days of school party to look forward to.

The Team Leader for 2019 is Mrs Lucy McNair and the Curriculum Leader is Ms Joanne Hunt. If you have any issues or concerns please contact them directly via the TRBPS email or make an appointment through the office.


Prep important Dates 2019