Years 3 & 4

At Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School we have a year’s 3 & 4 unit that comprises of:  3 x year 3 classes, 1 x year 3/4 class and 3 x year 4 classes. Students work in individual, pair and group situations where they are provided with an engaging and stimulating program that focuses on explicit teaching of the curriculum. Our learning programs ensure that we cater for the diverse range of needs, values and interests of our students. At Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School we value the individuality of each child, and cater for specific needs by differentiating learning activities and personalising the learning  to meet children’s need and maintain student engagement.

The years 3 & 4 program provides an enjoyable and challenging learning environment for our student which encompasses all areas of the Victorian Curriculum F-10. Our students also participate in a range of specialist programs which include Visual Arts, Physical Education, Music/Performing Arts – learning the recorder, LOTE – Italian, Year 3/4 Sport program and Library.
Information and Communication Technology is embedded into the classroom program as a tool to support students’ learning  and we use  a variety of digital devices and online programs to assist learning, such as: laptops; desktop computers; interactive whiteboards; ‘hands on’ digital resources; and provision of a range of online fiction and non-fiction texts.

In Years 3 & 4 students participate in a range of incursions, excursions and they also participate in a two week Bike Education program. This program culminates in the year 4 children attending the three day bike riding camp at the Derby Hill Blue Light Camp at Maldon during Term 4. Students are also provided with a range of leadership opportunities such as Student Representative Council, classroom roles and responsibilities as well as other extracurricular activities that are on offer at the school.

The Teachers are:

Year 3

  • Ellise Mehl (Year 3 Team Leader)
  • James Borghero
  • Liam Whittaker

Year 3/4

  • Debbie Walters (LT)

Year 4

  • Karen Burgess (Learning Specialist Numeracy – P-6)
  • Karen Baxter
  • Michael Conway