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Using the Konnective app, you can add events directly to your phone’s calendar and receive important news and alerts (similar to a text message) as soon as they are released.


Launch Step 1 – Join Konnective

To access Konnective, please visit www.konnective.com.au and join up using your email address and name. You will then need to confirm a verification email sent to the email you have joined with.

Launch Step 2 – Install the App

Using your Iphone or Android phone, install the Konnective app. Then open and Log into the Konnective app. Allowing push notifications will enable the app to notify you similarly to a text message.

Launch Step 2 – Add Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School

With the Konnective App open on your phone.
Click > Menu, Click > My Connections, Click > Add New Connections, Select Tucker Road Bentleigh PS. You must “Request Approval” for General Updates and the feeds that relate to your child/children’s grade.

General Konnective Feed

  • 19/09/2017: Electronic Messaging

    As of Term Four the school will be transitioning from using Konnective as our electronic communication tool to Compass. Access to Compass is via the internet and via a smartphone application. Initial access must be through the internet using the web address – https://tucker-road-vic.compass.education/ There is also a link to the portal on the Tucker Road website homepage. First time users will need the login and password that is available upon request from the office. This password will be for the initial login only – once logged in you will be prompted to change your password for future access. The initial login details are family specific, if you have more than one child at TRBPS, the single login access information for all of your children. Compass School Manager is also available as a smartphone application although not all the web functions are available through this interface. https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/compass-school-manager/id778415974?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jdlf.compass&hl=en