School History



Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School was established in 1954 and has a tradition of providing a high quality, inclusive, caring school environment. The school for 2021 is 519 students. Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School has very spacious and well-presented grounds and offers excellent facilities for our children to enjoy. Three adventure playgrounds, an oval and a quieter courtyard area cater for the extensive recreational needs of all children. Lunch time clubs allow students the opportunity to balance their outdoor play with some structure activities, which include: Tech Shed,

Library, Coding, Italian, Lego and drama clubs. We have many students attending instrumental music lessons offered throughout the week. We have a school band and a choir.

The School Council and sub committees place great importance on maintaining and further developing the school facilities. We have a netball sized gymnasium which was completed in 2018. The BER (Building Education Revolution) centre or now known as the SOL centre was built from Federal Government funding (2011) and provides six classrooms and an open learning space where currently the year 5 and 6 classes are working. This space provides an opportunity for staff and children to work together and learn from and with each other in a shared learning environment. It balances the need for class focused learning with teachers in single classrooms with open learning inquiry opportunities where the students and staff are able to mix together for various curriculum activities throughout the week. We have 6 double portables which provides classrooms for the year 1 and 2s. A central facility was built in 1999, which has 7 classrooms (years 3 and 4), a multi-purpose hall, a central Library and stem centre plus LOTE (Italian), Art and Music classrooms. There is an administration building with offices, staffroom, resources rooms, and a further 3 classrooms, which are scheduled for upgrading in the near future. There is a separate facility called ‘Rainbow House’, where students attend the Out of School Hours Program run by Camp Australia.


Strong leadership from the Principal, School Leadership Team , School Council,  Staff, Parents and Friends Association and the Student Representative Council work in unison to provide a positive  school culture and promote a growth mindset for improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. Learning and teaching is viewed as an active partnership between children, parents and the school staff.  A safe, caring, supportive and inclusive educational environment coupled with a positive attitude to learning, are key components of our school culture.