Classroom Helpers Program

Early Years Literacy

The Early Years Literacy Program is a strategic approach that aims to ensure that all children achieve success in early literacy. It was written as a result of extensive research of good practice in Victoria, Australia and internationally.

The strength of the Early Years Literacy Program lies in its essential features:

  • A daily focused two hour literacy session
  • Whole-school commitment

The Classroom Helpers Program is designed to support the work of parents, helpers and aides who assist in classrooms. It consists of the five interactive sessions and is linked to the classroom literacy program.

The course will:

  • Develop in participants an increased understanding of the development of literacy skills.
  • Demonstrate various learning situations to participants so they can act as role models for students in classrooms.
  • Train participants in how to provide effective literacy support for individual or small groups of students.

If you would like to become a classroom helper, you will need to complete a series of sessions run by the school in Term 2. An information morning will held at the beginning of Term 2 and parents are welcomed to attend.

Session 1 : Being a Helper 2 hrs
Session 2 : Helping with Speaking and Listening 2 hrs
Session 3 : Reading is … 2 hrs
Session 4 : Helping with Reading 2 hrs
Session 5 : Helping with Writing 2 hrs

If you have any queries, contact Marie Chalas, Leading – Teacher Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator.