First Aid

Minor accidents such as grazed knees are treated by the staff in the yard. The children are taught to report these incidents to the Yard Duty teachers for treatment. Each duty teacher has a designated area of the school to patrol and a basic kit for simple first aid.

More serious accidents and illness are treated in sick-bay and are reported to the parents. This is where your emergency form is important and why it must be kept-up to-date.

Your child will be cared for in sick-bay until you arrive.

It is also important that your nominated emergency contacts (other than parents) have been informed by you of your preferred course of action in an emergency.

Allergies, Recurring Illnesses and Disabilities

It is important that we have a record of any situation which could affect your child while he/she is in our care.


If your child suffers from asthma there is a special ASTHMA FORM to be completed.