School Communication

Newsletters & Activity Notices

Important news items and activity information is sent home in a written form allowing you to know what’s happening in the school and what is coming up. The Newsletter is sent home every Wednesday with the eldest child in the family. Please check with your child and also check in school bags.  It is also available on the school website.

Whole School Assembly

We have a Whole School Assembly each Monday at which teachers and children give reports, sports results, news items and awards. As this is an important aspect of school life, we ask parents who remain in the assembly area to respect the formality of the occasion.

Values Awards

Certificates are awarded each week at the Monday morning assembly to children displaying the school values.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Students in years 3-6 elect representatives from their grade to represent them on the SRC. These representatives make suggestions regarding student issues which are then taken to the School Council for consideration.

Buddy System

Year Prep and Year 5 students participate in a Buddy Program to assist in the transition of children from pre-school to school environment. The program also aims to assist positive peer behaviour and the development of language, social and thinking skills.