Preps 2021

First days – What to expect!

  • Preps don’t start the same day as other students.
  • First day of school for Prep is Monday 1st February 2021.
  • We run two interview days – Thursday 28th January and Friday 29th January.
  • Interviews are with two teachers, one with the student and one with the parents.
  • Students need to come and can wear their uniform to have a practice run.

First day!

  • The first day for Preps will be Monday 1st February.
  • Staggered entry on the first day. Your start time will be given to you at your interview.
  • Parents are welcome on the first morning for a few minutes to say goodbye.
  • Tea and tissues in the gym for parents, after the first morning drop off.
  • 3:30pm pick-up outside classrooms in the Prep area.

After first day – What to expect!

  • For ALL of February we run a 4 day school week for the Preps.
  • Wednesdays are used for assessment.
  • Preps have different break periods for the first few days.
  • First 5 day week for Preps begins Monday 1st March.