Years 5 & 6

Welcome to the Senior School – Years 5 and 6!

Learning in the 5/6 area is a wonderful opportunity for students to expand their interests, build their independence and participate in a wide range of learning opportunities and extra-curricular events. We are focused on helping our students to continue to learn and grow, challenge themselves, think critically and develop 21st century skills they require as they begin to prepare for their futures.


In 2024, the TRBPS Senior School is comprised of 5 x 5/6 classes. We are very lucky to be located in a purpose-built flexible learning space funded through the Building Education Revolution program (BER Federal Government funding). This building was renamed in 2014 as the Stan Oakley Learning (SOL) Centre after the former Principal. The year 5/6 students make great use of this learning space and its flexible seating options through small group, class and whole year level activities.


Our learning programs involve a great deal of collaborative planning and team teaching to ensure we effectively cater for the diverse range of student’s abilities, needs and interests whilst encompassing all areas of the Victorian Curriculum F-10.

As teachers, we value the individuality of each student and cater for specific needs by differentiating our learning tasks to maintain student engagement. Our teaching programs are designed to provide point of need instruction for each individual student, allowing them to work at their own pace, whilst still being challenged. We incorporate fluid differentiated teaching groups, workshops and conferences that comprise of both ability-based and mixed ability groupings across the curriculum. The ability-based groupings ensure that students are working within their zone of proximal development whilst also allowing them to identify future learning steps and set themselves achievement goals with guidance from their teacher. Mixed ability groupings allow students to develop their confidence, transfer of knowledge skills, communication skills and problem-solving skills through peer tutoring.

All students also participate in a range of specialist programs throughout the week. These are Visual Arts, LOTE – Italian, Physical Education, Performing Arts and Library. ICT is incorporated into student’s lessons daily, through the use of Interactive Whiteboards and laptops.


In the Senior School, students are provided with many opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

In Grade 6, students may choose to apply for special student leadership roles such as School Leader, House Captain, Art Leader, Italian Leader, Music Leader, Sustainability Leader or Peacemaker Leader. Alternatively, Year 6 students can choose from one of our Grade 6 jobs, where they are given a special area of responsibility around the school which they are required to complete weekly. The students take great pride in completing these jobs; they find this an enjoyable and rewarding aspect of being in year 6.

There is also the opportunity for all Gr 6 students to be involved in our Peacemaker Program where students are trained in restorative practices and apply this in the yard to help support younger students.

In Gr 5 students are given different leadership opportunities. All Year 5 students partake in a Buddy Program with the Preps. Through participating in regular activities, this program not only helps our Prep students settle into school-life and feel comfortable in the school yard, it also allows our Gr 5 students to demonstrate their leadership skills as well as creating very special and memorable friendship connections. Grade 5 students are also given the opportunity to apply to be a member of our Student Representative Council (SRC).


Sporting opportunities is another very exciting part of entering the Senior School. There is a vast variety of sporting opportunities offered at Tucker Road, both in and outside the classroom. All Grade 5/6 students participate in our weekly Interschool Sport program, where they have the opportunity to learn about the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and commitment to a team whilst improving their skills in their chosen sport.

Students have the opportunity to trial or participate in a range of other sporting events throughout the year, including competitions, tournaments, skills sessions and clinics. Events include Lawn Bowls tournaments, Hoop Time, Netball Victoria Schools Competition and SSV competitions to name a few.


Students participate in a range of incursions and excursions throughout the year. A highlight for each year level is the camp program. The year 5 students attend a 3-day camp at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and the year 6 students attend a 4-day camp in Marysville.

During lunchtimes, students are able to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities such as, Library Club, Italian Club and Art Club – just to name a few!

In 2024 the Year, 5/6 Team is as follows:

  • Rachel Kushnir (Year 5/6 Acting Learning Specialist Data – P-6, Team Leader)
  • Cyndi Wiltshire (Learning Specialist Literacy – P-6)
  • Catherine Fear
  • Matthew Serres
  • Tamara Faiman/Jo Hunt