Our School

At Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School we strive for academic excellence by providing a stimulating, safe, and inclusive environment. Our purpose is to educate children to become young adults who will continue to learn and thrive in an ever-changing world. We want our children to have a passion for learning where they connect, create and produce work that matters to them and others. We nurture a supportive learning culture and build relationships which assist children to develop an awareness and appreciation of self and others. We emphasise the importance in fostering positive home and school partnerships to support our children to excel with their learning. We promote environmental awareness so our children will become leaders for a sustainable future. Our children are encouraged to be creative innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers. We nurture children to build the skills and competencies which will assist them to effectively collaborate and operate in a global world. We want our children to be literate, numerate and emotionally and socially well-adjusted.

We value data informed instructional practice that is based on current research evidence. Teachers use a variety of methods to assess children individually to inform their teaching and to ensure they design meaningful and personalised learning experience to effectively meet the learning needs of each child. We inspire students to be active and independent learners and responsible global citizens who take action to improve their world.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • We build relationships to ensure children are encompassed in a learning partnership where goal setting, reflection on progress and feedback are the norm.
  • We encourage a growth mindset through providing a school culture where learning and effort are highly valued.
  • We recognise that all children are individuals and that learning programs need to be personalised
  • We provide rich, varied and challenging programs that engage children to develop and utilise creativity, problem solving and thinking skills.
  • We create collaborative learning opportunities that foster intercultural understandings, perspective taking and inquiry.
  • We empower students by providing opportunities to have a voice, show leadership and take action in their community.
  • We provide a learning environment that foster children’s emotional and social learning to develop self-responsibility, respectfulness and resilience.
  • We ensure that children have access to ICT to build competence with technologies to connect and operate in a local, national and global society.

We see learning at Tucker Road as an active positive partnership between children, parents and staff. The children are provided with many opportunities to achieve success and develop self-esteem in an environment that encourages resilience, responsibility, fairness and a respect for the rights of others.

I encourage you to utilise our web-site to research further information about our school and you are welcome to arrange a school tour via our School General Office.

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