Student Wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing Approach at TRBPS

Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School ensures a strong commitment to Student Wellbeing and Engagement that is founded on a positive school culture. Children feel valued, safe and secure in the school surroundings. Children are provided with meaningful opportunities to contribute to the school, they are encouraged to have a voice and supported to meet their personal and educational potential.

We continue to emphasise the importance of social and emotional learning for children as part of the Victorian Curriculum F-10. Children are regularly engaged in class discussions and collaborative activities centred on positive play, appropriate behaviour and social interactions. As a school we are committed to providing a consistent whole school approach to student wellbeing. We foster a culture where personal responsibility, independence, resilience and self-regulation/self-control are developed.

At TRBPS we show respect for each other and promote an understanding of the importance taking responsibility for our actions. As a whole school community we model appropriate behaviours and focus on a positive mind set. We plan for behaviours and believe in collective responsibility for every child in the school. We are implementing restorative practices to build positive learning environments and explicitly teach children to be socially and emotionally competent. We strive to deliver stimulating classroom and specialist programs that ensure our students are fully engaged. We are focused on identifying talents, accepting differences to effectively meet the children’s diverse learning needs.

Engagement Strategies

An important aspect of student wellbeing is developing peer connectedness, building relationships between students, teachers and parents/carers and developing social competencies. To support cognitive, behavioural and social/emotional wellbeing, Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School provides the following programs and strategies:

  • Disability and Inclusion/Wellbeing Leader
  • Peacemakers – Year 6 Leaders
  • Restorative Practice and Circle Time
  • Year 6 School Leaders Program
  • Hit the Road Running – to build class relationships (school developed program)
  • Transition programs: K-Prep, Year 6-7- Moving Up a school transition program and individual transition programs for students with special needs
  • Buddy programs- Prep/Year 5
  • Student Representative Council- Years 3-6
  • Year 6 responsibilities/Jobs
  • Lunchtime activities: Instrumental Music, Choir, Chess, LOTE (Italian), Art and Library clubs
  • Life Education- Prep-Year 6
  • Family Life- Years 5&6
  • Drug Education Plan P-6
  • Support programs- Literacy and Numeracy – Tutor Learning Initiative
  • Responsible use of technologies and cyberbullying- as part of the IT program
  • SHINE – Language/Speech Program
  • RRRR – Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships.

We have a comprehensive Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy containing all of the school’s student wellbeing philosophies, code of conduct and practices.