Regular attendance will enhance your child’s social and educational development. However, if your child is unwell, they should be kept at home. A sick child cannot concentrate on schoolwork. Infection spreads rapidly and our facilities are very limited for the care of sick children. You will be called to collect your child if they fall ill during the day, please ensure you have provided the office with all of your current details. If you should move or have a new mobile or home number contact the office so this can be amended.

If your child is absent the Department of Education requires the reasons for absence to be logged on compass or note or email sent to the class teacher.
If your child is collected from school during the school day you need to register this on the Compass kiosk at the Administration Office.

Being on time provides all children with an excellent start to the day and ensures they don’t miss any of the classroom programs. If you have an important appointment scheduled and your child will be late, please ensure you let the class teacher know this in advance. If your child arrives at school after the 9.00am bell, please make sure your child is signed in at the office by an adult and to complete a late form. This form is then given to the class teacher who will note it on the class roll. This procedure is for all students who arrive after 9:00am. If a student is taken to the classroom without the ‘Late Form’, they will be sent back to the office to collect one.

Children should be at school by the 8:55am whilst the music is playing to signal ‘line-up’ time, and the bell will ring at 9:00 am to signal the start of the school day. Keep in mind that is can be very upsetting and confusing to children when they are late to class.

Children should not be at school before 8:45am. Staff commence yard duty at 8.45am. An Out of Hours School Care (OSHC) Program operates for parents/carers or guardians who may need child minding before 8:45am. See the ‘TheirCare‘ website to enrol for this service.

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