Numeracy – Mathematics

TRBPS Numeracy Learning Specialist is Karen Burgess, who is happy to answer any questions you have around numeracy at the school.

Staff at Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School are committed to teaching numeracy every day.  Teachers use assessment data to determine the needs of students in their class. The objective is to ensure that students are supported in accessing new mathematical knowledge and skills, therefore making progress in their learning. It’s also important that revision and practise take place so that knowledge and skills are retained. A range of hands-on materials is used to support skill development. Teachers differentiate the activities to suitably meet the range of student needs.

A “typical” maths lesson would involve:

  • WARM UP: usually a fun game or activity to promote positive attitudes towards maths and tune students into mathematical thinking. This can be a great time to revise prior learning.
  • CLASS FOCUS OR MINI LESSON: The teacher models and teaches concepts and skills the students will be using.
  • PRACTICE: Students put into practice the knowledge and skills gained during the mini lesson. Often the teacher uses this time to work with individuals or groups of students.
  • SUMMARY: The teacher and students discuss or share learning that has taken place.