Vision, Values and Capabilities

Our School Vision is:

At Tucker Road Bentleigh PS we provide opportunities for all students to acquire the skills that will enable them to become life-long learners and have a positive impact on their world. Students are supported to achieve their academic personal best and build upon their emotional, social and physical wellbeing. Our school culture and practices ensure everyone is valued and has the opportunity to thrive and be successful.

Our School Values are:
  • Respect – we respect one another’s values, opinions and right to be part of a safe and supported learning environment.
  • Empathy- we treat others with care and compassion.
  • Inclusion – all students are welcome in our school and their uniqueness is celebrated.
  • Perseverance -we recognise that learning is hard, but we can reach our learning goals with the guidance of our teachers and support of family and friends.
  • Resilience – we have the strength to manage stress and hardship and the ability to rebound and recover from setbacks and adversity.
  • Accountability – we hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and always strive to be our best selves.

At Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary School, we want our children to be highly literate, and numerate, socially and emotionally well-adjusted and able to effectively contribute to a global community as tomorrow’s adult. We want them to develop a life-long passion for learning and the following attributes and skills:

  • resilience,
  • self-awareness,
  • persistence,
  • acceptance of challenges,
  • risk taking,
  • open-mindedness,
  • adaptability and flexibility,
  • hopefulness and passion,
  • ethical,
  • empathetic, and
  • aware of intercultural relationships and understandings.
As future adults our children will need to be:
  • multi-skilled,
  • organised,
  • flexible,
  • team players,
  • technologically empowered and digitally competent,
  • creative problem solvers,
  • critical thinkers,
  • effective communicators,
  • productive and collaborative workers,
  • respectful when building relationships,
  • community minded and contributors,
  • global thinkers and environmentally aware,
  • entrepreneurial, and
  • culturally aware.