Health, Physical Education and Sport

HPE Prep-Year 2

At Tucker Road Bentleigh Primary school, we understand that physical education helps to develop students in a plethora of ways. Physical education helps to develop sporting skills and well as personal and interpersonal learning. It is crucial that students develop basic fundamental motor skills such as running, hopping, jumping, skipping, catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, balancing, twisting and turning. They are then able to develop the capacity to link these skills into more complex and coordinated movement sequences. Towards the end of this stage of learning, students begin to develop increasingly complex motor skills and begin to apply these to appropriately modified games and sport-specific settings.

HPE Year 3-6

Following from the work done in the Prep – 2 programs, children in Years 3-6 begin their involvement in major games, leading to their participation in competitive sport. They become familiar with the rules of many different sports, understand the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship in a competitive setting and build to their representation of our school both as individuals and as team members in the various competitions Tucker Rd Bentleigh undertakes. Additional sessions are continually undertaken to strengthen the Fundamental Motor Skills learned in P-2, as well as ongoing aerobic & fitness conditioning.

School Sport Victoria

School Sport Victoria oversees all competitive sporting contests in both primary and secondary schools. Tucker Rd Bentleigh PS is a member of the Moorabbin Sporting District with the SSV network. As individuals students can compete in swimming (term 1), cross country (term 2) and athletics (terms 3 & 4) events. Our school also competes in the team competition within Moorabbin District. All children play in both a summer and winter team on a home and away basis every Friday morning. Successful individuals and teams can progress all the way to the SSV State finals.

Personal/Interpersonal development

We place a high emphasis on sportsmanship, perseverance, effort, safety and being a team player. This is encouraged and incorporated into each PE session. In the first few years of physical education we take the time to teach students about the body and its anatomy. We introduce basic muscle anatomy and well as explain the importance of these muscles and how to develop them. Healthy eating and active lifestyles ideals are also interwoven into our program.

Jake Haw (HPE & Sport teacher)